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CA-Logo-Dark@3x-8Northside Machine Company (NMC) is able to perform powder coating and Cerakoting® in-house for all of our customers, including customized options for individuals on a wide array of items. Also, we have training in proper powder coating and Cerakoting® processes, and we are a Certified Cerakote Applicator. With our experience and knowledge, we can provide high quality powder coat and Cerakote finishes every time.

Powder Coating vs Cerakoting®

Powder Coating

The process for powder coating involves coating an electrostatically charged item with a powder. Then, it is cured in an oven, heating up the powder and coating the item with a finish that can achieve thicker coatings with very little defect. Different textures can be achieved based on the powder used. However, powder coating can't achieve very thin thicknesses, fades over time, is limited to conductive parts, and can still chip and scratch easily.


As for Cerakoting®, the process involves spraying the liquid Cerakote® onto an item and either air or oven curing it, depending on the type of Cerakote® used. Then, the item is offically covered with a strong scratch-resistant ceramic coating. Since an item doesn't have to be conductive, Cerakote can be applied to almost any material, including wood. However, Cerakote® isn't meant to be very thick, and it is always a smooth finish, meaning texture is limited to the item it's being applied to. More information on colors and their specifications can be found here.

Cerakote Gallery

Equipment List

-Powder Coating and Cerakoting

  • Columbia Powder Coating Booth with 96" X 96" X 96" Interior Dimensions
  • Columbia Kool Koat Powder Coating Oven with 72" X 72" X 96" Interior Dimensions, Temperature Regulation up to 500°F