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Northside Machine Company (NMC) has provided precision CNC turned parts for nearly 60 years. Over the course of several decades, we have ran a wide variety of jobs, allowing us to develop the experience to make the best parts possible. In addition, as we've grown, we have obtained several pieces of equipment with advanced features such as live tooling, bar feeding, and sub-spindle options, allowing us to meet customer requirements easily.

CNC Turning Services (Northside Machine Company) NMC utilizes machines with advanced features to manufacture complete parts. Our swiss machines have extended bar feeders, and two of them have slot cutting units. Also, two of our CNC turning centers are equiped with gantry-style robot loading systems. As we use these machines with advanced features, we eliminate the need for secondary machining processes, allowing faster production.

Materials Machined

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steels
  • Carbon Steels
  • Steel Alloys
  • Copper (Beryllium and Soft) and Bronze
  • High-Temp Alloys (aerospace alloys)
  • Titanium
  • Polycarbonates

Equipment List

- Swiss

  • Star SB-20RG Swiss Lathe with Extended Bar Feeder
  • Star SR-32JII/B Swiss Lathe with Extended Bar Feeder, Slot Cutting Unit
  • Star SR-38/B Swiss Lathe with Extended Bar Feeder, Slot Cutting Unit

- CNC Lathe

  • Mazak Nexus QTN-350MY-2 Turning Center w/C-Axis, Y-Axis
  • Mazak Nexus QTN 100-II MS Turning Center w/Bar Feeder, Sub-Spindle, C-Axis
  • Mazak Nexus QTN-200MSY Turning Center w/Bar Feeder, Sub-Spindle, C –Axis, Y-Axis
  • Mazak SQT-15M Mark II Turning Center w/C-Axis, Tailstock
  • Mazak QT-250 Turning Center w/ Flex GL Gantry Loading System, Tailstock
  • Mazak QT-200 Turning Center w/ Bar Feeder, Tailstock
  • Mazak QT-300 Turning Center with Tailstock
  • Mazak QT-6T Turning Center w/Gantry-Robot Loading System

- Miscellaneous Lathes